An article about SmartSantander and the involvement of CTI in the project was featured in the "Peloponnisos" newspaper of March 16th, 2014. CTI researchers E. Theodoridis and G. Mylonas were interviewed about the main goals and achievements of the project, and also about the ways that such experience could be applied to the city of Patras, a city sharing many similarities with Santander in terms of size and location. "Peloponnisos" is one of the oldest Greek newspapers and is read daily by over 35.000 readers.
The 2014 IEEE Ninth International Conference on Intelligent Sensors, Sensor Networks and Information Processing (ISSNIP) <> will be held in Singapore, from 21st to 24th April 2014. This ninth conference in the series is jointly organized by the Institute for Infocomm Research and the Australian Research Council's Research Network on ISSNIP, and is co-sponsored by the IEEE through the IEEE Sensors Council. IEEE ISSNIP 2014 will focus on both the theory and application of smart sensors, sensor networks and information processing in sensor networks. In addition to technical symposiums and tutorials covering various areas of sensor research, an industry track will also be organized to showcase emerging sensor technologies and solutions. IEEE ISSNIP 2014 will be co-located with the International Exhibition & Conference on Internet of Things (IoT Asia 2014), to be held on 21st and 22nd April 2014. TECHNICAL SYMPOSIUMS IEEE ISSNIP 2014 includes the following technical symposiums: - Symposium on Intelligent Sensors - Symposium on Sensor Networks - Symposium on Information Processing - Symposium on Cognitive Computing in Information Processing - Symposium on Computational Intelligence - Symposium on Human-Centric Sensing and Social Networks - Symposium on Participatory Sensing and Crowdsourcing - Symposium on the Public Internet of Things - Symposium on Security, Privacy and Trust for Cyber-Physical Systems - Symposium on Sensing, Propagation, and Wireless Networks for Healthcare Applications - Symposium on Sensor Performance Characterization - Symposium on Smart Grids - Symposium on Sustainable and Adaptive Sensor Networks The description, topics of interest, and TPC information for each…
The Third International Workshop on Computing and Networking for Internet of Things (ComNet-IoT 2014) ComNet-IoT 2014.pdf
The MITOS experiments, as well as the existing infrastructure of SmartSantander, are presented to the Hellenic Institute of Transportation Engineers through their quarterly newsletter magazine. Mobics published an article titled "Transportation Experiments in the Smart City Santander" in the latest issue of the newsletter (June-August 2013) describing the MITOS and SMEL experiments to the respective community. The main applications developed, as well as preliminary scientific results are mentioned. Special reference is made to the overall SmartSantander project and its deployed infrastructure. The related article can be found online at pages 12-16:
The city of Santander, Spain, will host a 3 day event from October 16th to 18th that will present FI-WARE and FI-Lab to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as the ideal platform to start working on Smart City projects.  There will be information sessions, conferences and a new Hackathon dedicated to Smart City applications!  
SmartSantander General Assembly Meeting July 2013
8th Summer School on Applications of IoT and Wireless Sensor NetworkssenZations'13==============================­­­============================­=­=­=============September 2 - September 6, 2013, Palic lake, Serbia + +SmartSantander tutorial - extensive tutorial on how to design and deploy experiments and services in a smart city experimental environmentBusiness track (new on the agenda) - a business perspective of IoT, including joint activities between the technology and business focused participantsLearn how to use WSN in environments like Donana (Spain) natural reserve!Hear about the latest developments in IEEE 802.15.4 arenaWork in a team to design and deploy experiments on the SmartSantander framework or run your own real IoT solutions around the Palic lake.Join us, have fun, meet peers and experienced researchers, expand your network of contacts.+ + +PROGRAM is available on the web: www.senzations.netLecturers: Thomas Watteyne (Linear Technology/Dust Networks), Alex Gluhak (Uni of Surrey), Luis Munoz (Uni of Cantabria), Konrad Wrona (NCI Agency), Rob van Kronenburg (IoT Council), Stefan fischer (Uni of Luebeck), Michele Nati (Uni of Surrey), Pedro Maron (Uni of Duisburg-Essen), Gianluca Dini (Uni of Pisa), Jose Ramiro Martinez de Dios (Uni of Seville), Sebastien Ziegler (Mandate International), Zach Shelby (Sensinode), Srdjan Krco (Ericsson).Participants Workshop: All participants will have an opportunity to exercise their presentation skills and to get constructive feedback while presenting their own work and/or the results of the team projects.Social activities: A half-day excursion, a dinner party as well as other interesting social activities will be organized.VENUEThe summer school will take place in hotel Prezident, Palic, next to a beautiful lake in the north of…
RTVE (National Spanish Television) min:  43:30 Telediario - 21 horas - 10/03/13 Ver vídeo Telediario - 21 horas - 10/03/13
euronews hi-tech - Santander gets smart
The Fed4FIRE project ( is launching its first open call at FIA Dublin. In order to provide more information, there is a special session on Tuesday afternoon 7 May at the FIA in Dublin ( to explain the open call and to provide information about the testbeds available for innovative experiments and about the way new testbeds could join the Fed4FIRE project. Both the innovative experiments and the new testbeds could apply for funding of 80 k€, resp. 100 k€. Please register at   Basic information about the open call (see attachment): Information workshop: 7 May 2013, Dublin (see below) Closed: 31 July 2013 Budget for innovative experiments: 600 k€ (maximum of 80 k€/experiment) Budget for new testbeds: 300 k€ (maximum of 100 k€/testbed) Available testbeds for innovative experiments: 13 Detailed information:
Hybrid City II, May 2013, Athens,   What: Hybrid City is an international biennial event dedicated to exploring the emergent character of the city and the potential transformative shift of the urban condition, as a result of ongoing developments in information and communication technologies (ICTs) and of their integration in the urban physical context. After the successfulhomonymous symposium in 2011, the second edition of Hybrid City has grown into a peer reviewed conference, aiming to promote dialogue and knowledge exchange among experts drawn from academia, as well as artists, designers, researchers, advocates, stakeholders and decision makers, actively involved in addressing questions on the nature of the technologically mediated urban activity and experience. The Hybrid City 2013 events also include an online exhibition and workshops, relevant to the theme When: Hybrid City Conference 2013: Subtle rEvolutions will take place on 23-25 of May 2013. Where: The Hybrid City II events will take place at the central building of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.
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