GWS 2013 Call for Papers -- Special Session on Internet of Things in Smart Cities

GWS 2013 Call for Papers -- Special Session on Internet of Things in Smart Cities

Special Session on Internet of Things in Smart Cities

Global Wireless Summit (GWS’13)

Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA

June 24 – 27, 2013

Recent studies have predicted that by 2050 seventy percent of the world population will live in urban areas, while more than a half of the world’s population already lives in cities. Different urban-environment stakeholders (technicians, city planners, politicians, researchers, etc.) are urged take measures aimed at guaranteeing the fulfillment of some key quality criteria related to the sustainability and efficiency in the city domain. From a pure engineering approach the city represents a unique ecosystem for testing and assessing new services and technologies, Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) in particular. The fact that cities represent a strategic meeting point between the citizens (urban society) and the technology provides us with an additional dimension that can be exploited for continuous crowd-sourced creativity scenarios. From the technology standpoint, fuelled by the recent emerging of a variety of enabling device technologies on the market, such as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Near Field Communication (NFC) and embedded sensor and actuator nodes, the Internet of Things (IoT) has stepped out of its infancy and is at the verge of becoming the next major extension to the current fixed and mobile networking infrastructures and an integral part of the Smart City scenario. If such a scenario unfolds, it is not hard to conclude that the design of the IoT and its architecture will be strongly influenced by the requirements of the Future Internet (FI). The scale, heterogeneity and constraints of the IoT devices and the distinct nature of envisaged interactions pose significant challenges for their successful integration into the FI architecture. This Special Session focuses on IoT technologies, allowing for smart city rollouts, deployments and growth. Part of the scope of IoT technologies has been already deeply studied but others are already coming and their composition and application in the area of smart cities has not been almost tackled. The remarkable expansion in work in this area, which is mainly attributed to the unique timing between the unquestionable need for making cities more efficient, and an enormous set of ICT technologies having become available and affordable. As of today, however, some major issues remain to be tackled, which pertain to technologies, their integration and interaction, architectures, applications, services, privacy, to name a few.

In the light of the above, the main purpose of this Special Session is threefold:

• to obtain a coherent and concise synthesis from the abundance of recently emerged material in the area of IoT technologies and architectures,

• to promote unprecedented approaches in analyzing, designing and optimizing smart city scenarios through the use of IoT technologies and architectures, and

• to identify open issues which remain as a challenge towards using IoT technologies in smart city markets. Topics of Interest: Given all above, the technical topics of interest in the area of ICT for Smart Cities include, but are not limited to:

• architecture designs (heterogeneous technologies, enormous data streams, etc.)

• smart city control platforms (use of diverse data streams, sensing/control/notification, etc.)

• city data storage, ownership and access methods (crowdsourcing, cloud approaches, etc.)

• experimentation testbeds and experiences making use of IoT technologies over a smart city scenario

• business, service and billing approaches (business models, exploitation approaches, etc.)

• privacy issues (escrow-type approaches, ensuring citizens, etc.)

• innovative applications (unprecedented use of smart city streams, new applications, etc.)

Important Dates: Paper submission: April 7, 2013

Acceptance notification: April 28, 2013

Camera ready submission: May 5, 2013 Special

Session Organizer: Luis Sanchez (University of Cantabria, Spain)

Submission guidelines

Papers can be submitted through EDAS at

Using the appropriate Special Session Track (SS12: Internet of Things and Smart Cities)

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