OFELIA is a collaborative project within the European Commission’s FP7 ICT Work Programme. The project creates a unique experimental facility that allows researchers to not only experiment “on” a test network but to control and extend the network itself precisely and dynamically. The OFELIA facility is based on OpenFlow, a currently emerging networking technology that allows virtualization and control of the network environment through secure and standardized interfaces. Five interconnected islands based on OpenFlow infrastructure will be created to allow experimentation on multi-layer and multi-technology networks. The facility will extend all the way from standard Ethernet to optical and wireless transmission and it will also include an emulation wall for scalability tests comprising thousands of nodes. OFELIA is to provide an experimentation space which allows for flexible integration of test and production traffic by isolating the traffic domains inside the OpenFlow enabled network equipment. This allows for providing realistic test scenarios and for seamless deployment of successfully tested technology. Generally, the usage of the OFELIA facility is provided "as is" as a free-of-charge best-effort service. Any user accepting the usage policy is welcome to experiment on the OpenFlow-enabled testbed. Based on both, experiences from the operation of the facility and feedback from the user community, open calls are issued to extend the experimental facility with additional, new use cases and scenarios. The first one is now closed and the second one will be following in 2012 (expected deadline March 2012). Further, OFELIA cooperates with related international efforts such as GENI in the US and JGN in Japan.

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