Workshop on IoT Experimentation Needs
08.06.2011 - 08.06.2011 10.30 h - 16.00 h
Universidad Pompeu Fabra - Barcelona


Workshop on IoT Experimentation Needs


Advances in wireless sensor networks, radio identification technologies and smart system integration have fuelled a new wave of Internet of Things (IoT) research in recent years. Despite significant advances in the underlying technological building blocks in the past decade, the difficulties associated with the evaluation of IoT solutions under realistic conditions in real world experimental deployments still hamper their maturation and significant roll out. There is now a growing consensus in the scientific community that overcoming the technical challenges and socio-economic barriers of a wide-scale IoT deployment in our daily lives requires a thorough, practical evaluation of IoT solutions using inter-disciplinary, multi-technology, large-scale, and realistic testbeds.

This one-day workshop, organised by the SmartSantander project  as part of the IoT week 2011, aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to jointly explore the challenges and requirements of experimental IoT research. The goal is to further the understanding of what features and characteristics experimentation environments for the Internet of Things have to offer in order to satisfy the emerging demands by the current IoT technology and service research community. It will provide the opportunity to different stakeholders of the IoT technology and service research community to express their requirements and experimentation needs in order to shape the evolution of the SmartSantander facility. At the same time it will provide first-hand insights into challenges and experienece from exisitng IoT experimentation facilities and the current capabilities of SmartSantander that form the basis of the first call for experimentation.

Draft Agenda

10.30-12.00: How should the current IoT testbeds look like – SmartSantander vision and initial community response
Session chair: Srdjan Krco
- Challenges for IoT experimentation (Srdjan Krco)
- Analysis of initial survey results on IoT experimentation needs (Alex Gluhak)
- Overview of SmartSantander – initial testbed capabilities, APIs etc. (Luis Sanchez)

12.00-13.00 Lessons learned from existing testbeds
Session chair: Alex Gluhak
- WISEBED Testbed (Maria J. Blesa Aguilera, Jordi Petit, Universitat Politècnica de Cataluny, Spain)
- SENSE-Lab Testbed (Tahiry Razafindralambo, INRIA, France)
- "IBBT - w-iLab.t: Lessons learned and road ahead", Stefan Bouckaert, IBBT, Belgium

13.00-14.00: Lunch break

14.00-15.00: Experimentation needs and requirements – Session 1 – IoT technology research perspective
Session chair: Ovidiu Vermesan
Experimentation plans of individual EIRC cluster projects:
- From Concept to Experimentation, i-CORE

15.00-15.30: Experimentation needs and requirements – Session 2 - IoT service provider and end user perspective
Session chair: Roberto Santoro (ESOCE)
- SenseSmartCity (Prof. Christer  Åhlund, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden)
- ELLIOT (Michele Sesana, TXT e-Solutions, Italy)

15.30-16.00: Joint discussions and wrap-up





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